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Thar Production (TP) is a globally acclaimed music record company based in Pakistan with a roster that covers an extensive array of both folk and modern age artists. The company has a perfect mix of melody which fits to the taste of every individual and gives bang for the buck. Thar Production promotes music from every genre and gain grounds it. The company possesses an enormous catalog that encompasses various record breaking hits and is home to some of the most thriving and prominent artists.

Thar Production bridges the gap between artists and art lovers and brings them together by promoting the content appropriately and made the go of it. The company has strong distribution and value creation channels that quench the thirst of quality music wherever it has demand, within and outside the country. Some of the artists on Thar Production’s label are Abrar-ul-Haq, Rahim Shah, Naseebo lal, Abida parveen, Shaman Ali merali, Ahmed Mughal, Nadeem Sarwar, Hassan Sadiq and regional legends like Mai Bhagi, Mohammad Yousaf, Nusrat Fateh Ali, Ghulam Ali.

No boundary of culture, no boundary of society, just the people and where they are, there is music. We serve for music, we serve for people!


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