Afshan Zaibi
  • Showbiz Carrier Starting from 2002, 1st Perform PTV Peshawar Center, Launch 1st Hindko Album, and Stand popularity on Hazara Division, Launch 1st Siraiki Folk Album After Launching.
  • I got All Siraki Built, Princess of Hazara I still have 20 Albums and each album was a hit with the, Pashto, Persian Punjabi, Urdu,-language’s Station.
  • Many Pashto Singing in The Film is very well, in 2007 Middle East And in 2009 the show was perform in Europe Tower, Princess of Hazara Khataab when I have taken my Name is Princess of the First Hazara me and Everyone I know by the name of Hazara Princess.
  • I Have So Many Songs That I Liked Very Muc

Playlist14 Tracks In Total

  • 1
    Wo Ishq Jo Hum Se

    "Wo Ishq Jo Hum Se".

  • 2
    Sara Jag Bewafa

    "Sara Jag Bewafa".

  • 3
    Rang Surkj Gulaban Dy

    "Rang Surkj Gulaban Dy".

  • 4
    Na Sabrigi

    "Na Sabrigi".

  • 5
    Mehfil Mein Bar Bar

    "Mehfil Mein Bar Bar".

  • 6
    Mara Hoe Yar

    "Mara Hoe Yar".

  • 7
    Lagain Dhola

    "Lagain Dhola".

  • 8
    Haye Ni Mera Balam

    "Haye Ni Mera Balam".

  • 9
    Gal Hui Papular_Punjabi

    "Gal Hui Papular_Punjabi".

  • 10
    Dhola Sohnia Akhiyan Wala_Punjabi

    "Dhola Sohnia Akhiyan Wala_Punjabi".

  • 11
    Bhaka Ho Si

    "Bhaka Ho Si".

  • 12
    Awain Ty Ne Dhola Tere Peche

    "Awain Ty Ne Dhola Tere Peche".

  • 13
    Allah Hoo_Punjabi

    "Allah Hoo_Punjabi".

  • 14
    Yari Lanri Aey

    "Yari Lanri Aey".

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